For me, a painting is a short story where each stroke of the brush has the rhythm and balance of a well-designed sentence, and the cumulation of all the strokes evokes a feeling and a new way of seeing. When I paint, I release any concept of me doing something and trust a higher intelligence. Often, my initial intention morphs into something entirely new, creating an unfolding mystery. It’s this element of the unknown that draws me in to take a closer look. In a world ruled by law and order, by definition and time, I prefer the freedom of the abstract to the formality of the concrete. What would a night sky or a forest or a river be without its definition?  What would love and beauty be without a name?

Fine art, whether it’s music or literature or visual art, has a certain beauty, inherent in this beauty is expansion, inherent in expansion is a sense of joy. My goal is to create art that’s engaging, emotional, and expansive, which reminds me of a story. One day when I had lived in California, I heard the secretary, who was from Canada, say, “I can’t stand it.”
“What can’t you stand?” I asked.
“The blue sky every single day. It’s boring with no clouds. Its the clouds that create the magnificent colors.”
 Nature is the greatest artist. I find inspiration in its diverse color palate and infinite designs.